Beat the Matrix

10 Rooms10 rooms with 10 different challenges. Play physical challenges, work together, solve riddles and score as many points as possible. The clock is ticking... Will you manage to beat the Matrix?


3 Levels

Beat The Matrix can be played on three different levels. Level 1 is for children from 8 years and up, and levels 2 and 3 are for 16 years and up where there is an easy and difficult variant.

Large and small groupsPlay the game with 3 to 32 people. Form a team of 3 to 4 with your friends, colleagues or family. Are you with more? Then we will put together an additional programme for you.

Beat The Matrix is a super exciting escape game based on the film The Matrix.


  • Next level Escape Rooms
  • You play the game in teams of 3 to 4 people
  • Consists of 10 different rooms, each with a different challenge
  • Can be played at different levels
  • Super cool Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & laser games
  • Has a secret mission. Discover the secret and defeat the Matrix!
  • Time is ticking... Will you manage to score as many points as possible? You have 75 minutes

Beat The Matrix the story

After artificial intelligence was invented in the 21st century, it took over from humanity. Humans served as reusable energy sources for the machines and the Matrix is an illusion to keep them ignorant and calm.

However, the Matrix was not a flawless simulation and hackers found out that the world they live in is a make-believe world called the Matrix. After a long battle against the machines, hackers managed to make all humans escape from the Matrix. This was done by transmitting special codes through phones and thus crossing over into the real world.

Strange things have been happening in the old main building lately and another activity is observed. Has everyone really escaped from the Matrix?

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