Seven years ago Jan-Peter Sanderman, Raymond Dijk and Alex Volkers at Dauwpop, where the idea arose to start a company together. Now, seven years later, that idea has grown into Twict BV. This year we were at Dauwpop again, but this time with all our colleagues.

"Dauwpop feels like "hallowed ground" to us. This is where the seed was planted back then, and I am immensely proud that we are here now, seven years later, with a team of almost 30 people. Every day we are ready to serve our partners in Telecom, and it is great to enjoy such moments together as a team. As VIP guests at Dauwpop, we get to know our colleagues even better, which enhances team spirit and cooperation. With a snack and a drink in hand, we strengthen our bond." says Alex.

Dauwpop takes place annually in the municipality of Hellendoorn, where Twict is based, and is a well-known festival in the region. It was great to be here with our entire team together as VIPs and enjoy performances by Di-rect, Son Mieux, and the Bökkers, among others.